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The Reason for the Season

Today is CHRISTmas day! Remember why we celebrate today, because Christ was born.

"Mary, Mary, hush, see the Child.   Joseph, Joseph, look, see how mild!  This is Jesus; this is our King.  This is our Savior; his praises we sing."
Love ~ S. F.

p. s. Please take a moment to listen to this version of "Hark! The Herald Angles Sing" preformed by the Gothard Sisters--your time won't be wasted!

If I could travel...

...I would take the road to the land where dreams come true.
where the roads go ever on and on.
 where we all can be what we want to be.
where we don't have to be grown up to do big things.
   where there is love for everyone.
where we're all brave in our way.
     where we can be ourselves.
where the people from books are our friends.
        where everyone is happy.
Take me to that land.

Sunshine Award

The amazing Carissa Rose at Rosie Posies Place has awarded me the Sunshine Award!
It's for"bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere." 

The rules are: 1. Thank the blogger that nominated her and link to her blog 2. Nominate other bloggers and let them know on their blogs 3. Answer a list of ten questions 4. The Sunshine Award button must be posted on the blog
The Ten Questions: (you can either answer these questions or make up your own 10 questions and answer those):
1. What is your favourite colour? Well, I love Green, Blue and Orange.

2. What is one of your favourite books? Other then the Scriptures...Anne of Green Gables. And that's only one, mind you! :)

3. What book are you reading right now?
The New Testament, The Book of Mormon, The Hobbit, The Return of the King, Anne of Windy Poplars and by golly! I don't remember what it's called!

4. Do you have a pet?
Personally, no. But my family does. :D

5. Can you speak with a different acc…

LOTR Challenge - Day 30 - How You Got Into LOTR

The last day. Where. Did. The. Time. Go.

Day 30: How You Got Into LOTR

Oh, the LOTR and I go way back! :) No, really, I've been a fan of LOTR as long as I can remember. Ever since I've been little, little girl I've been as much of a fan I could be. I know, it seems kind of crazy.
But I got into LOTR because it's a family favourite. So, you can say I was raised with a LOTR love! :)

Well, my thanks to Lily for hosting this challenge, it was a lot of fun to do. A lot of fun!


Altaithe sona! (an lá tar éis)

Yes, I got that brilliant idea to say "happy Thanksgiving!" in a different language (Irish) from Elizabeth Lindsay at One Light in a Dark World.   Well, today's the day after Thanksgiving, but any old way...
sisters. blogfriends.  breath. Jesus Christ. home. family. music. life. books. camera.
The list could go on-and-ON! It's kind of hard to stop. :)
Love ~ S. F.

LOTR Challange : Days 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29

How can November almost be over!? Wow. It's just gone so quickly.

Day 25: Favourite Quote

This is not even half of my favourite quotes! :)

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” ~Galadriel  "What a pity that Bilbo did not stab that vile creature, when he had a chance!"
"Pity? It was Pity that stayed his hand. Pity, and Mercy: not to strike without need. And he has been well rewarded, Frodo. Be sure that he took so little hurt from the evil, and escaped in the end, because he began his ownership of the Ring so. With Pity."
~Gandalf And don't mind me if I add a quote from the Hobbit...:D

"Look, I know you doubt me. I know you always have. And you're right. I often think of Bag-end. I miss my books and my armchair and my garden. You see, that's where I belong. That's home. And that's why I came back. You don't have one. A home. It was taken from you. But I will help you take it back if I can." ~ Bilbo
Day 2…

LOTR Challange : Days 21, 22, 23 and 24! :)

Day 21: Most Inspiring Moment
There a lot of inspiring moments in the LOTR, it's rather hard to pick! But I have to say when Theoden is riding past the riders of Rohan with his sword, and than they all shout "Death!" is one of my favourites.

 And then,
of course,
 there's the
"My friends, you bow to no one"
moment at the almost end!

Day 22: Character you pity most

Well, Smeagol. It's not his fault he's bad, really. The Ring took over him and Gollum's like this, this thing that's telling him "do this" or "don't do that", etc.

Day 23: Least Favourite Character

Lots of Orcs and also too many to count, really. 

Day 24: Scariest Moment

I'd have to say...Shelob's lair.
No, spiders don't scare me. But having a HUGE one chasing after me, I think I would be a leetle scared. :)
Also, right before the Ring gets destroyed, and Frodo won't do it!

~ S. F.

LOTR Challange : Days 17, 18,19 and 20

Well, I think I have been bending the rules long enough, and answered things from the Hobbit, when this is onlya LOTR challenge. :) So I think I'll try to answer only LOTR answers now! :)

Day 17: Elves or Dwarves?

Well, I don't really know how to answer this one! Because...I don't know. •-• So...I'll leave that as my answer! :D (After all, I have an Elf and a Dwarf for sisters.)

Day 18: Coolest Visual Effect

Wow. There's a lot of amazing visual effects in these movies! I think I'll settle on this:

Day 19: Weirdest Screencap

Really, I can't find any! I mean, there are a lot, but I can't find any. ☺

Day 20: Saddest Character Death

Let's just not talk about this, shall we? *holds back tears*

~ S. F.

LOTR Challange - Day 16 - 6. Favourite Female Character

Image! I suppose Eowyn is my favourite:

Just because she's brave. Which I hope to be one day! ~ S. F.

LOTR Challange: Days 12, 13, 14, and 15!

12. Favourite Location
Answer:you'll find me away in Hobbiton/the Shire...

13.Favourite Weapon
Just one?*sigh* Oh, come on, brain, pick one! Alright, I'll say Sting. How I long to carry it by my side!

14. Favourite Outfit
Ooo, so many. I can't chose. I'll just say I love a whole lot of them! :D That's an answer, right?
15. Favourite Armour
Hard choosing thisone, too! But these are a few:  Ah! I can't find any good pictures of them. I'll just list them: Eowyn's armor. The Mithril shirt. Aragorn’s armor.
Well, I got caught up! *grins* Hope your day's going well.
Forever in Christ,  S. F.

LOTR Challange: Days 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11!

Okay, today I'm going to do it short and simple:
Day 7: Favourite Antagonist
I really don't know! Why don't I just say Sauron or Smaug? ;)

Day 8: Gondor or Rohan?
I think I'll  say Rohan! :)
Day 9: Favourite Hobbit
I'vesaid it before, haven't I? Bilbo.
Day 10: One True Pairing
 Sam and Rosie.

Day 11: Favourite Friendship
Don't have one. ;) But here are two: the one between Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, & Fili's and Kili's in the Hobbit.

(I couldn't find pictures of them all)

Stay tuned for the next part! :)
~S. F.

::WARNING:: very short post

Just a little pop-in to say:   I know I'm behind in the challenge. Today's 11-12-13. And my sisters and I have a new blog! ~S. F.

LOTR Challange: Days 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6!

Here are the answers to days 2-6: (and you must pardon me if these answers have to do a lot with the Hobbit, we got the extended edition last night!:) Did any one else watch it?)
Day 2: Favourite Battle
 The battle at the end is my favourite. Because, well, it was the battle that ended evil! Good enough answer? hmm?
Day 3: Favourite Character
I must say Bilbo Baggins. Because if I don't, I'll lie. Truth. And who can help not liking him?

It'd take a while to list the rest of them, and, besides, it says "Favourite Character", not "Favourite Characters"!
Day 4: Scene that makes you cry
I cry easily. Very easily. And so, I'll only say one scene that makes me cry because I don't think you want a long list:  The one when Sam says, "I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you," make tears come to my eyes.
Day 5: Scene that makes you laugh
"We've had one, yes. But what about second breakfast?" and "It comes in pints? I&…

LOTR Challange: Day One - Favourite Film

Happy November everyone! 
I really cannot decide on a favourite film! I guess out of all of them (including the Hobbit) I'll pick An Unexpected Journey.
But then I do love the Return of the King, too. Bye!  ~ S. F.

November - a month for challenges

With November just around the corner I have taken upon my self to take two challenges.
The first is from the Kings Blooming Rose.

 Please join with me! Just click here to find out how.
The second is from Lily. She's hosting a LOTR challenge. Join me on this one too. Click >here< for information.

November's just in a week! Join me.

50 (long) days!

I don't know if I can wait that long! But, I guess I have to. *sigh* Oh, and 50 days till what? THIS:

50 days isn't that long right?...or is it? I'm so excited!!!

Solid Ground - The Gothard Sisters - This Blog's Namesake

I named this blog after ↑this song↑, because I L.O.V.E. it!
(If you haven't heard of the Gothard sisters yet, you should really click on that link and listen to some of their music!)

Shall or Will?

I have a strange thing about using words.  At times I prefer to use some word, and other times it's a different one. So tell me, which you prefer of the different words~
"Shall" or "Will" "Eh" or "Uh"  "No" or "Nope"
I prefer: "Shall", "Eh" and "Nope"
 Sooo...just leave a comment and tell me what you like. :) ~ S.F.

Starting at the beginning, of course!

"WhenAnne reached the school that first morning, she was confronted by prim rows  of "shining morning faces" and bright, inquisitive eyes. She hung up her hat and faced her pupils, hoping that she did not look as frightened and foolish as she felt and that they would not perceive how she was trembling.
"She had sat up until nearly twelve the preceding night composing a speech she  meant to make to her pupils upon opening the school. She had revised and impoved it painstakingly, and then she had learned it by heart. It was a very good speech and had some very fine ideas in it. The only trouble was that she could not remember a  word of it. . . "  ~ Anne of Avonlea

Exactly. I'm Anne, my blog friends are the pupils and this post is the speech! I had a perfect starting post in mind...but I don't remember it.:) So I hope this is good enough.
Who am I? I'm S. F. But you can give me a nick-name, if you want. 
What do I like? TURTLES!!!!!!!, my family, writing, r…