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End of Year Link-up (Hosted by Kara)

The sun has set on the last day of 2015. How was your year? Mine was brilliant. :) Kara started a link-up earlier this month, and I'm finally getting around to doing it. Join up if you feel so inclined!

Rules (copy and paste these):
1. You must have a link to Kara's post on your End of Year Link-Up Fun post, and the above picture
2. Answer the questions. You can just do half, all of them, whatever! ☺
3.Comment on Kara's post with a link to your post
4.Invite someone to join in (choose a blogger who'd you'd really enjoying seeing the answers from)
5. Have fun!

The questions....
Favorites of 2015...

Movie (post the trailer):
Hmm...I really don't know!

TV Show (post the trailer):
I can't think of any one I watched.

Book: I read the Chronicles of Narnia and Little Women-- loved 'em both!

Song (post that too because then we can listen to it): "It Was Beautiful" by the Gothard Sisters
Band: My favourite band (as always) is the Gothard Sisters. :)
Music A…

Hope You Had a Wonderful Christmas

Sending you joyful wishes this beautiful holiday season. May we always remember why we celebrate--for Christ was born to give us hope.
Love ~ S. F.

An Invitation to the "Remembering There and Back Again Link-up"

This post is to invite any and all to the "Remembering There and Back Again Link-up" that I'm hosting on my Middle-earth fangirl blog "Three Fangirling Sisters."

The instructions for the link-up are in  this post. It will be happening later this month.
Spread the word to all your Middle-earth friends! :)