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To Give Thanks

The KBR Ministries's annual "Give Thanks" challenge is approaching with the month of November. I always look forward to participating every year, to write down seven things each day I'm thankful for. As I look back on this last year, I feel so incredibly blessed by the Lord for everything that He has given me. How undeserving I feel at times! But He is merciful and good. How I love Him! I think this year I'll go a little beyond. Everyday brings blessings overflowing. I'll let all I'm grateful for flow out and write down as much as I can.
And now I extend and invitation to you-- join in the challenge! It doesn't take much to write down 7 things a day that you're grateful for. Let us all give thanks to the Lord next month!
"For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations." ~Psalm 100:5

More information on KBR's "Give Thanks X7 challenge" here.

In Honour of these Happy 3 Years

The first day on this month (being October 2016) was the third anniversary of the beginning of "On Solid Ground". Three years! Ah, it's been a good adventure. I personally have changed much in these three years, and this blog shows it, doesn't it? Let's take a look and see what I've done. . .

-Started On Solid Ground
-Did the 30 day LOTR challenge
-Awarded the Sunshine Award
-Started Three Fangirling Sisters

-Awarded for the Liebester Award, and the Sunshine Award.
-Added blog pages
-Posted a lot about needing to post more (*sigh* ☺)
-Got a bit excited about acertain movie. . .
-Wrote Misty Streets
-First Year Anniversary
-The Things That Make Me, Me

-Awarded/tagged the Blogger Recognition Award, Authorly Bucket List Tag, Sweater Weather Tag, and 12 Days of Thanksgiving Tag
-Took a blog break
-Designed quote pictures
-Created and reported on my summer bucket list
-Designed my compass blog design
-Participated in a photo challenge
-Second Ye…