Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Now Summer Ends. . .

Now just how did it become the last day of summer? I would like to know. It has been feeling like Autumn for the last couple of weeks, but it seems a little strange that it's going to be autumn officially tomorrow.

 As the Summer of 2015 winds down (again, HOW?!), here is what I did and didn't complete on my summer bucket list. . .

1. Sleep under the stars
I didn't sleep right under the stars, but I could see the stars though the tent roof. . . does that count? ;)
2. Go camping more than 3X
I think I did it only 3 times (in the back yard.)
3. Learn the guitar better, and bottom hand on the piano
Yes! I did semi-learn more guitar and piano (as in, I did, but I could have learned more.)
4. Write a song
I wrote poems. . .they can be a song if you put a tune to them, right?
5. Read 10 or more books
Nope. I think I read around 5 or 6.
6. Keep gratitude, prayer, quote, and drawing journals
None of the above. Oh well. . .
7. Memorise Scripture verses
I loved memorizing more of God's Words. ♥
8. Take more pictures
Now, I'm not exactly sure what I meant when I said "more pictures". . . I did take pictures, so I'll say yes.
9. Do something I've never done before
10. Read Little Women
And Little Men, too. Oh, that were wonderful.
11. Learn German
I don't think I learned any more words in German that what I knew before, so I'll have to answer 'nein'' to that.
12. Organise
That I did do, and of course I still have more to organise!
13. Go swimming!
Ah, the joys of swimming. . . *happy sigh*
14. Participate in Elizabeth's Summer Photo Challenge.
Thanks for hosting it, Elizabeth!
 15. Give this blog a new design.
16. Go through all the 'drafted' posts I never finished.

How was summer for you? If you can, sum up your summer in one word. ♥ Mine was beautiful.

Adieu, summer!

Love, S. F.


  1. Lovely post! I'm glad you had a good summer filled with amazing things. =) Where did you go swimming at?

    1. We went swimming at a near by like. It was brilliant-- we swam for several hours. ☺

  2. Oh, how to sum up my summer in one word? Mine was good—the Lord in His infinite goodness blessed me this summer so much more than I deserve to have adventures, experiences, and sweet reunions with beloved kin. Praise to His name forever!

    Fondly your sister,

    PS. Thank you for your honesty and faithfulness and love for life!


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