You Can Call Me S. F.

daughter of God • sister • writeravid reader • fangirl • lover of turtles and hedgehogsLDS • pen-pal • Tolkien fanstorytellerphotographer • history lover • C. S. Lewis fan • sword-master (in training...)admirer of CelticGothard Sisters fan • imaginer • nature nerd • MUSHROOM LOVER • journalist a person who cries easilyfriend • whistle player • Louisa M. Alcott fan • liker of the colours green + orange + blue + brownsmiley face addict :)dreamer laugher • L. M. Montgomery fan • music maker • poet • lover of life

Hullo there, lovely person!
My pen name is S. F. (it doesn't really stand for something, it just is what it is.)
I started this blog in October 2013, and have had some delightful adventures since.
I am here only because of and for Jesus Christ. He alone is worthy of the glory.

Some of my favourite book characters are Bilbo Baggins, Anne Shirley, Jo March, and Reepicheep the Mouse.

A smile can cheer up someone's day and maybe the smile will travel around the world and then come back to you! ☺(Yes, I love smiley faces.)

For a photo-illustrated glimpse of me, see the blog post "The Things That Make Me, Me"

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If you'd like to introduce yourself, drop me a comment telling who you are and how you came by my blog (along with anything else.)
I am delighted you stopped by!


  1. Who am I? Why am I here? How did I find you? WHAT IS MY BUSINESS?

    i. Your sister

    ii. Because it's polite and I like your blog?

    iii. Ehhh...ehh...I...just...did?


    The format bubble thing at the top is so like how mine originally was. Gurl way to go. ☺

    So organised, prim, int'resting...ahh, I love you much. <3

    1. YOU ARE ALL THAT AND MORE. Ai! Ai! I just received a brill idea for my blog. :)

      Way to go you, too, darlin'.

      Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, love you more. Oh, wait, I can't win the fight by saying that. I mean, I love you the same. <3

  2. The list at the top there is so fun. :)

    1. Why are you here? Because you directed me here on a recent post which I was reading. :) / 2. How did you find me? I don't remember exactly - perhaps on Les' blog? / 3. WHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS? My business? Right now, to read and to comment. ;)


    1. (Thank you!)

      Oh, sthap it. You gals tickle my funny bone and make me for to laugh. Pa ha ha ha ha! Hmm yes. Thank for answering...
      ~ S. F.

  3. I found you through my blog, and have enjoyed our interactions. Thank you for being such a faithful commenter... it is an encouragement to get live feedback, knowing that I have at least 1 reader on my blog. ;)

    1. Thank you, Abby, for commenting! Also, you're welcome. Your blog is such an encouragement to read and I love how you talk about many topics. ☺
      ~ S. F.


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Just remember Colosians 3:23–24: “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; … for ye serve the Lord Christ.”
To God be the Glory!
~ S. F.

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