Saturday, April 14, 2018

Looking Forward to This Spring...

I know spring's been here for a month now, but it's sure taken a while to feel like it. Now that the trees are leafing out and the birds are singing more, I'm happily feeling that spring has come more earnestly at last. *throws petals all over the place*

Any thing particularly exciting you're looking forward to in the months of spring? I'm excited for....

...working in the garden. I'm so happy to see a the little green babies coming up. This year I'm trying lots of zinnias. Pictures to come if they're a success. 😊 What's your favourite flower?


... The Stealthmaster's Shadow, by Hope Ann

It’s ten confounded years since the war ended.

Ten years since the Prince won the war and pardoned the rebels.

And left.

The Prince left, but lasting peace never had a chance to begin.

As a Stealthmaster, Verus is determined to complete the task the Prince left, whatever the cost. Traitors, needlessly vague governors, and threatening rumors are all part of a standard mission. Verus will bring peace to what is left of the world, one city and village at a time. According to the governor’s daughter, the war was never about a physical peace in the first place, but what does she or any of the other Followers know? They weren’t there during the war.

They didn’t see the horrors Tauscher spread over the land or the scars that will never fade.

Commandeering the task of a former soldier, Verus presents himself to the governor of Nerva. Eventually he’ll need to undermine the man, but even Stealthmasters need money, and a mission to discover the owner of a misshapen slipper shouldn’t be difficult.

Until the ambassador from Zahavia appears.

Suddenly face to face with nightmares from the past, Verus struggles to help those plunged into danger, from the governor’s newest prisoner to a serving lad to an infuriating woman he’s taken to calling princess. Fleeing will only make the enemy stronger. But staying…

Staying could doom them all.

*don't mind my screaming* 'Cause how could I not be excited about the next installment in the Legends of Light series? This is going to be epic! I'm off the walls for this one! Not sure if I can wait until June 1st. 😆 Though of course it is up for pre-order now...


..."Midnight Sun" by the Gothard Sisters 🎻

From what I've seen/listened to of the Gothard Sister's new album, this one is destined to be my favourite of theirs. It's just... so beautiful. Thankfully I only have to wait until May 4th for this one. I'm already listening to the clips of the songs on repeat. 


...reading more poems.

I always have loved reading poetry, but this year it's beauty has become deeper and more special to me. I hope to read a whole book of poetry if possible. 🕮


Well, that's happening for me this spring. How about you? What activities and/or new releases are you looking forward for?

S. F.


PS. Wait! Don't go yet! You need some writer humor for the day. You'll only understand this if you've been there. It's so brilliant I had to share. It had me laughing to the point of tears because of how relatable and hilarious it is. 😉

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Poetry Leaves #2 - "I Wrote My Name in Dust"

"I Wrote My Name in Dust"
by S. F.

I wrote my name in dust.
Such will happen when you try to hide
From who you are.
When you turn from the world
Because it can't see.

I wrote my name in dust.
That's what happens when you try coming back
To what you were.
When you can't anymore
Try to hide.

I wrote my name in dust.
It happened when I did my best
To peal away the lies.
When I wanted again to be clean
And be a hero.

I wrote my name in dust.
As I feared what would happen,
Letting the filth cover what I was.
When the world would turn on me
And forget.

I wrote my name in dust.
And let what was destined to happen...happen.
For dust will fall
When the time keeps passing
And dying.

And all will turn to dust.

Monday, February 19, 2018

A Time to Change • ONWARD

Notice anything new? 😁
Perhaps a new name and a gorgeous new design? Feast your eyes on it for a while, then come back here, for I have some 'splaining to do. *elevator music....doodeedoodeedoodeedoodee.......*
You back now? Good. Ain't it bee-yoooou-tiful? It was done by my fantabulous sister Les and I simply love it!

image from the Internet

And the name? Well, you see, I liked "On Solid Ground" and all. But I've felt for a while now the I wanted to change and move forward, or onward, dare I say. (Sorry, couldn't resist the pun.) I wanted to have a purpose to this blog and a name that fit it. I thought about it for a long time, and finally came to something. That is, I want to encourage others to have joy on the journey. For life is the great adventure and we'll have our ups and downs, so I want to do my part to take joy in every moment and help my fellow sojourners to do the same. Thus the name "Onward". Let's go onward together.

As a note, I'll probably just be here off and on like I have been in the past, but I'll be here all the same. Thanks for taking the time to read!

Signing off,
S. F.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Rejoice! This Time of Year and Always

Hullo, lovely friends! I'm back for a bit with a late Christmas greeting, then I'll be away for a while again as the new design is put up. See you then! 😄

Frosted window panes, candles gleaming inside
Painted candy canes on the tree

It's that time of year when the world falls in love
Ev'ry song you hear seems to say "Merry Christmas,
"May your New Year dreams come true."
("The Christmas Waltz", by Sammy Cahn)

Christmas is past. The new year is approaching.  And we have a choice.

Christmas is a most special time of year. Love is shinning, hearts are giving. We go about doing good with smiles on our faces, feeling that glowy, happy feeling inside that comes from looking to bless others instead of ourselves, and knowing all of the pleasant surprises we have prepared for others.

And I realize-- sure, it isn't that way for everyone. There's hurt and pain this time of year, just like any other. Some people choose to not let Christmas in their heart. Many forget that true meaning and worry about themselves-- they won't get what they want, they won't get others what they want, lalala blahblahblah.... there's a million excuses to not feel good around Christmas time if we loose our focus.

If we forget that silent night. If we forget that "God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten  Son, that whosoever believeth in Him might not perish, but have everlasting life."

It's our choice to focus on why we celebrate. And it's our choice to keep these wonderful feelings in our hear all of the year long. So, rejoice! Christ was born--we have endless chances because of the gifts He has given us. Choose to remember what you have felt during this marvelous season of light, joy, and peace, as we move forward to another exciting year with endless possibilities.

I'll see you then.

⭐ "God bless us, every one!" ⭐

Friday, November 17, 2017

I'll be back...

Hullo, friends, and happy November! Oh, what?! November's already half over??? Oh well... 😄

I come here to inform you that I shall be a way and this blog will be down for a while. Perhaps I shall not be on an especially grand adventure, but I will tell you that when I come back there will be some changes made to this blog. I'm not sure when I'll return, but hopefully by the end of the month. (Don't worry, I won't put on a magic ring and disappear and you'll never hear of me again...😉)

Until then, may the sun shine on your path and beauty surround you always.

Yours truly,
S. F.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Page From My Quote Book

One of my favourite things to collect is quotes. Words are so beautiful and powerful. Today I was flipping through my little quote book and found this quote. The thought popped into my mind to share it on my blog, so here it is. :)

Never lose an opportunity of seeing 
anything that is beautiful; 
for beauty is God's handwriting
—a wayside sacrament.
Welcome it in every fair face, 
in every fair sky, 
in every fair flower, 
and thank God for it as a cup of blessing.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Behind the Scenes of Burning Rose by Hope Ann

The week we have all been waiting for. (*cough* you've been waiting for this week as much as me, right? *cough*) Yes, as I was saying... Burning Rose is here! You heard me fanbling about this book a little while ago, and today's the official release date! I am SO excited to get my hands on my own copy of Burning Rose!

A war, founded in ancient legends, changes the lives of those it touches forever.
Elissa, a villager from the northern mountains, attempts to save her brother and ends up trapped
in a hidden valley with a strange host and a treacherous enemy.
Evrard, the Wingmaster of the Prince’s army, races against his own weakening powers to
discover the location of his twin and save her from deadly mistbenders.
Haydn, a pardoned rebel from Tauscher’s army, confronts shadows of myth and former
comrades in his struggle to keep his sister safe and find the stolen Stormestone.
Before the war, before the legends, before the Separation, there was a man who started it all.
There was a curse, a promise, and a sacrifice. There was the Oathkeeper.
Fairy tales retold as you have never heard them before.
ROSE OF THE OATH: Beauty and the Beast
ROSE OF THE NIGHT: a Rose of the Oath prequel

Read on to see my review of this lovely book... but first, here's a bit o' behind the scenes of Burning Rose by Hope Ann. It's on the music inspiration for Rose of the Oath, and if you wish to see more about it, make sure to visit Hope's web sight here.
I enjoy music. I find it hard to write without listening to soft soundtracks, though loud siblings might have something to do with that. But not only do I enjoy listening to music as I write, I also love finding songs for my characters. Sometimes I can find them, sometimes I can’t. Sometimes they are perfect and sometimes they are only close. The song for Adrian, from Rose of the Oath, is pretty close. It is Love Feels Like by TobyMac: 
Read Adrian’s full story in my new paperback collection, Burning Rose!

My review of Burning Rose: ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩
Did I just put six stars? YES! I could give it more, seeing as it's four five star-worthy stories. 😁
I really, really liked Burning Rose. The four stories in it are written in such a fresh, inspiring, and beautiful way. I found out about them from being personal friends with the author so I read the first for that reason, but after that, I was simply hooked! I've never read any other fairy tale retellings and I'm not really into fairy tales, but I do love fantasy and adventures, and these stories are amazing. Everyone takes you on an on-the-edge-of-your-seat thrilling journey. The ingredients for a book being likable for me is, either tale of simple ordinary life or an exciting adventure, lovable and relatable characters, and an encouraging message that's perfectly seeped into the story line without saying it right out. For me, Burning Rose was perfect.

Adventure- Every story keeps you flipping pages as you follow along with Elissa, Evrard, and Haydn to find answers to questions in their personal lives, and what the sacrifice of the Prince can do for them. Their different stories happen before the war, during the war, and after the war. There's action and swords and all that exciting stuff. 😉 There's a sort of mysterious feel to the beginning of all the stories as various backstory events are hinted at here and there. The endings were all very satisfying with all of the loose threads tied up. All of the plots develope brilliantly.
Characters- I must admit that the people in the stories are usually my favorite part of reading any book. And these characters--wow! I saw so much of myself in them. I found myself so involved with them. I felt their joy, pain, surprise, and triumphs. Everyone has wonderful character arcs that I loved reading.
Theme- Every story has a different fruit of  the spirit theme. I learned a lot from them, but we are never told flatly out the message. Instead, we learn by the experiences of the characters. Elissa learns what love really is. So do we. Evrard learns the true source of joy. So do we. Haydn learns to let peace into his life, and we see how we can, too.

I'm so happy to see these four wonderful stories finally put together in one book that I can hold. Hope has a magical touch with writing; so gripping and moving. I am very much looking forward to reading what she writes next.

Alright. I'm done for now. All of you people who read all of the way to the end, I highly recommend you considering buying this book. It will be well worth it. :)