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Go Ahead and Cry

Go ahead and cry I'll catch your tears. Go ahead and cry. I'm here to comfort you. Go ahead and cry. Even when I can't comfort you. Go ahead and cry. I know He will. Go ahead and cry. Your tears were meant to be cried. Go ahead and cry. I don't mind it a bit.
Go ahead and cry.
I'll catch your tears.

A Favour from You (Followers, Readers, etc.)

Happy     New     Year!
I know very well it's February 8th 2014, but I can wish you "Happy New Year" now!
To be truthful, I started this post on New Years day, but 'tis my fault I haven't published it till now. I kept putting it off. The reason unknown. And I admit I haven't been the best at commenting, either.
Come now, S.F., stop blabbering on about your self! Get to the point of this post.
Alright. I'm still here. But that's normal. Because I would obviously be here if I was posting this! Hmm...
It being a new year and all, I had Rose do a new design. And personally, I think she did a wonderful job!
Recently I've been thinking about what I should post on this blog; for alas! all of my ideas really don't sound very good...What shall I do? Perhaps...perhaps...Ah! *looks right at you* Yes, it's perfect. You wouldn't mind me asking you, my fellow readers and followers, what you would want? Oh, I know it's a brilliant plan, you don…