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Dear readers,

My friend Elizabeth Lindsay is having a photo contest and today's the deadline so I had better hurry and enter! We were to "photograph something in creation that demonstrated a certain character quality." I chose "Endurance," "Sensitivity" and "Vision".

 ~ Endurance ~ These flowers have endured much, but still look beautiful!

 ~ Sensitivity ~ This little blue parakeet was a brilliant friend. But now he has passed onto a better place. You can guess why I have this picture for "sensitivity".

 ~ Vision ~ This one speaks for itself.
Those are my entries. :) Plusanother friend shared the tip for using a plastic bag to give a foggy look to pictures. I tried it with a rose and it turned out great!

 That's all for now, folks!

World Smiles Day


If it Hasn't Been a Year Already!

October 1st 2013: 'I have a blog of my very own called "On Solid Ground". . ."I'm going on an adventure!"' ~ My journal. Yes, dear peoples, it has been one year that I have been "officially" S. F. (I have been commenting as "S. F." since July 1st 2013, but didn't have my own personal Blogger propfile until October 1st. ☺)
Indeed this blogging adventure has been quite a fun one.

37 published posts/14 "company members" (followers)/3358 pageviews/235 comments

Thank you so much, all of you my friends. You're comments have made my day and you're all the greatest! I can't really express how happy you make me. :)
14 company member! (!!!) You all are amazing.

And now, who wants to have some fun? You do. Of course you do. Come on, let's go!
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