Saturday, September 20, 2014

God Save the Queen!

Picture from Google.
For those of you who didn't know, Scotland was recently (and for sometime) wanting to be an independent country and not part our the grand United Kingdom. This last Thursday they voted yes or no. And, glory be, the United Kingdom still includes our lovely Scotland the brave! Needless to say, I am very happy about it.

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On another note of British-ness, isn't Prince Harry such a hero?

Picture from FaceBook.
"Last Sunday, 5-year-old Isabelle Nixon was having trouble seeing the stage during the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games -- an international competition for wounded, injured and sick members of the armed forces -- in London, England. Lucky for little Isabelle, Prince Harry, who launched the games, noticed how upset she was and came to the rescue, lifting her onto his shoulders and dancing with her while the Foo Fighters performed on stage.

"'He approached us and smiled at me and just literally picked her up and just started to dance so she could see the stage,' Isabelle's father, Adam, the captain of Britain's wheelchair basketball team, told the Daily Mail.

"Isabelle was unaware she was dancing with the 30-year-old royal, until her mother, Taryn, told her, 'You're dancing with Prince Harry."
"'When she realized who it was, she was lost for words. She just danced along to the Foo Fighters with him and hasn’t stopped smiling since," Adam said.
"Taryn told the outlet that the 5-year-old has since been exercising her bragging rights: 'Isabelle now says she’s a princess and tells all her friends she danced with "Uncle Harry."'"

Isn't that the sweetest thing?
~ S. F.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Misty Streets - A Writing of Mine

Picture from Pinterest
A walk in the early morning while the streets are still misty is a delightful treat.
I stroll a moment too long and miss the taxi.
Leaning against the post of the "Taxi" sign, I pull on my coat tighter and watch the people walking by.
There is the lonely person walking by themself & the large group of friends.
There is the scowling person and the person who can't stop smiling.
There is the wealthy business man and the poor girl in rags.
There are those strolling slowly along and those rushing by.

 As the taxi finally drives up, I find someone else rushing up and asking if they may go first.
With my permision granted, they pay the taxi driver and state their thanks to me.

And I wait for the next taxi to come along.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

When Words Fail

There are times when words fail, even for writers. 
But I praise the Lord that He gave us all another type of way to speak what we feel and what we see in this world that He gave us; and that is through photographs.

Whether in the early morning, at noon day, or dusk, I am content with a camera in hand. If you would like, here are a few of the many photos I have taken~

And than there are the times I have editing fun. . .