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Roses, Scars, Wolves. . .an Exciting "Beauty and the Beast" Retelling Release

Hullo, dear friends! I come today with some very exciting news. You may know by now how much I love the "Legends of Light" series which is being written by Hope Ann, and she just released another one!!

War clouds the horizon and rebels gather under a mysterious leader. Alone, with her two younger sisters, Elissa watches the mountain road desperately for her brother’s return. Instead, she receives news of his capture by a strange figure covered in scars and cloaked in wolf skins. With rebels drawing nearer, she sets off to find her brother. To save him. There is no one else who can.

Yet she soon finds the rose that granted her warning now holds her captive in safety. Outside the valley, war threatens those she loves most. Though her strange host claims the ancient promises of the Prince’s return and victory over the rebels, Elissa knows the blood-drenched truth. She is on her own. Elissa will do anything to keep her family safe, but more than one kind of wolf stalks the Blackw…

The Love of Good Books

"I remember hearing Grandpa say that a love for good books was one of the best safeguards a man could have.”  ― Archie, from Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott

A favourite quote from a favourite author.