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Until May

Happy last day of March, my friends! What a fulfilling month it has been. Praise to the Lord!

I write this blog post to inform you lovely people that I am going to be doing a blog break in April. I will miss you, of course, but it shall be good to take a break and refresh when I return in May. There are a few upcoming changes to this blog (nothing huge) that will happen when I return--there's something to look forward to! :) Also, I have a few scheduled posts for April, so this blog won't be too lonely without me.

Until then, “May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks." (~ J. R. R. Tolkien and Gandalf)

God bless you,
S. F.

Spring 2015

Happy Spring 2015! ~ S. F.

A Top O' the Morning To Ya!

Ay, if it ain't one of me favourite holidays today. Erin go Bragh! ("Ireland Forever!")
 I do be hopin' ye be wearin' some green. :D
"Ireland, Ireland, together standing tall. Shoulder to shoulder, we'll answer Ireland's Call!" ^ From "Ireland's Call," the Irish Rugby Anthem. ^  Why don't you go give it a listen, eh?  Here's a video of the Rugby team singing it. (Prepare yourself for goosebumps.)
HappySaint Patrick'sDay.
I'm so glad to be back. From where? Oh, no where in particular.  It's just that I'm back from an unexpected blog break I took last week. I had been thinking about doing one for a while, and than I did out o' the blue. Now I'm back.  Hurrah!  Back with ideas for up coming blog posts. They should be fabulous, so don't leave too soon. :)
This here is "Danny Boy" by the Gothard Sisters. ♥

An' now I'll close by saying "Oíche mhaith agus áthas a bheith libh go léir…

The Authorly Bucket List Tag

Thank you, Kara, for tagging me for the Authorly Bucket List tag! To do this tag you are to, "List 3 to 7 things to work at in writing, and 3 to 7 things you'd like to try."

Things to work at...

1. Just WRITING! That is definitely something to work at. ;)

2. Coming up with how characters look. I have the basic idea for some of them, but other than that. . . ?

3. Editing. Something else to definitely work at.

Things I want to try...

1. Putting songs and poems into my stories. I like writing songs and poems, so why not?

2. Writing Non-fiction. Something I really want to try!

3. Having a character with an accent. As in, having someone from Australia or Norway.

4. Writing first person. I've tried it once (or maybe more) but I'd like to try it again.

I tag Elizabeth L. and S. W.
Now, everyone, go write! ~ S. F.