Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Things That Make Me, Me

Dear readers,
Since you cannot really know who I am completely know who I really am (for not even I know myself,) I have come up wit a collection of the little things that me, me, with pictures I found on Pinterest (lovely place, isn't it?).

Here you are:
The Things That Make Me, Me:

It sure is. I would love to spend a whole day out of doors.
I love hedgehogs. SO. CUTE.
A turtle. Reading. How much better can you describe me?
It's a hobbit of mine. :)

*drooling* A shortcut to mushrooms. *drooling*
The Gothard Sisters are the best!
I love that moment!
This is brilliant and so true.
*dreamy sigh* Autumn time.
Bilbo Baggins is my favourite Middle-earth-ite.
Violets in the rain. ♥ both.
Who could not adore turtles?
It's a fun life. Really. What do you do?
There you have it. A little look at me, though you knew most of that already.