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Reflections from My Dresser Top

I took a look at my piled dresser top and thought something like, "To sort or not to sort, that is the question." . . .
Well, the answer was sort. (Obviously.) And so I ended up taking everything off the dresser top and out of two "stuff drawers" and making a pile akin to Mt. Everest on the bed. :D Yes, it took a while to "sort" and yes, I still have to organise it all properly. . .but the point I'm heading for isssssssssssssss. . .I removed lots of particles (and piles) of dust (and one spider! O.O) which made me feel good.

A couple of days later. . . I took a look at my hibernating blog and a thought something like this came to mind. . . "DUST." Dust? Yes, dust! Something fresh and new and brilliant! I think I'll start with the design first. The water colour/compass design has been up for over a year, so I'll try something new (not quite sure what just yet. . .any ideas?) and then do a little updating of things here and there. The o…