Monday, May 26, 2014


Remember the Freedom was fought for.
Remember what you can do to help keep fighting.
Remember the Soldiers who fought for their country.
Remember those who bore the grief after the Soldiers passed on.
 Remember the Soldiers from all around the world who died for Freedom.
Remember that you wouldn't be who you are today if it weren't for them and what they did.

~ S. F.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Are you still there?
Oh, YOU ARE STILL THERE! :) I'm still here, too, even though it has been quiet for the last little while.

Via Pinterest. My handwriting is in no ways at all this good!
I am here to tell you that you can expect some short stories soon! I have one ready to share, but I don't have a picture to go with it yet. And also another that has to be edited, and then should be ready to share. :)

My thanks to you if you're reading this post. All of you are the best.

S. F.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

~ The Sunshine Award ~

The Awards are coming around. 
They're contagious.  
They spread like wild fire.
It's a plague, I tell you.

 Yet another award from Kara over at Saved by Grace! And this time, no rules. I know I've already gotten the Sunshine Award, but this is drastically different: the picture is'nt the same. That makes all. the. difference. in. the. world.

Kara asked two sets of questions, one for Tolkien fans, and one for not. I'll answer the Tolkien ones. :)

Tolkien fan questions. . .
The Hobbit or LOTR? I like both, but I think I'm going to say The Hobbit. I liked how it was simpler then the LOTR, when Middle-earth was mostly at peace.
   Favorite movie in the LOTR movies? The Return of the King.

 If you were Peter Jackson how would you make the last Hobbit movie end? "And {they all}lived happily ever after, to the end of their days." <- While "Happily ever after" is not my favourite book/movie line, I would have it end like that.

 If you could be any character from any of Tolkien's Middle Earth books, who would you be? . . . Bilbo. (How'd you guess?)

 How did you first hear about the LOTR movies (or books)? My parents. When I was around two or one. :)

 Did you go see any of the Hobbit or LOTR movies at the theater? The first two Hobbits.
 Favourite Hobbit character? You would never guess, it's Bilbo.

 What is one of the reasons you love Tolkien's Middle Earth? The hobbits and Hobbiton I love how it can be compared to almost any ones life, and the brilliant characters.

5 questions that I ask. . .

1.What books have you been sticking your nose in lately?
2.Ever traveled out of the country you live in?
3.Are you more apt to giggle or guffaw?
4.Summer's almost here! What makes summer special to you?
5.How would you describe this? :
Photo via Pinterest
To accept or not accept, that is the question.


I I understand awards are getting out of control and they're everywhere by now. (☺) You are entitled to your own free will: you will spread sunshine even without accepting this award.
~ S. F.