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Shadows of the Hersweald Blog Tour

Welcome to the launch of Shadows of the Hersweald, the third novella in the Legends of Light series! This Hansel and Gretel retelling is an amazing novella that I was privileged to read it before it was officially released and I loved it! The author Hope Ann does a wonderful job with this series blending together allegorical, fairy tale, and "fruits of the Spirit" elements. So hang around if you enjoy Christian fantasy and fairy tale retellings to learn more about this Hansel and Gretel novella!

They would have to come that afternoon. Haydn glared at the rutted road twisted away from the gate beneath him, slithering into the shadows of the Harsweald. And what was the flaming idea behind leaving him in charge? Tregaron in the hands of a criminal… that would put them all in the good graces of the province governor, no questions asked.

A battered soldier from a defeated army, Haydn knows there is only one end to the arrival of the Prince’s governor. Except he hasn’t counted on t…

Spring is Sprung!

Spring officially arrived yesterday! Hooray! 🌷🌸🌼 It's so exciting, although the weather has felt like it for the last little while, but it's lovely to say it's SPRING! :)

Sound the flute! Now it’s mute! Bird’s delight, Day and night, Nightingale, In the dale, Lark in sky,— Merrily, Merrily merrily, to welcome in the year. ~William Blake
Welcome, beautiful spring, full of hopes and new life! Are you looking forward to anything this spring?
Love ~ S. F.
PS. Remember this post about Song of the Sword by Hope Ann? The next book in the Legends of Light series is coming out in one week! It's called Shadows of the Hersweald and is a "Hansel and Gretel" retelling. I was privileged to read it before it was released and I would tell you all about how amazing it is, but you'll have to wait for my post next week that's part of its book launch blog tour. 😉AND there's a short story that goes along with it, so the brilliant-ness doesn't end when the novella does.…

Life is Glorious

There is so much to love about life, and so much to do to enjoy it. 
I recently read a blog post by SW on A Free Mind and it made me think once again about how true the above statement is. Here is her beautiful advice~
Be humble. Be kind. Know that you'll make mistakes and it'll be embarrassing, but have a sense of humor.
Laugh.You might as well have fun.
Tell people you love them, and be gentle.
Question everything, and I mean everything. Because the truth can take it, but nothing else can. And it's the truth that matters.
Take chances and do things that scare you. Never close your eyes to possibility.
Don't box up reality and pretend you know its walls.

Look up, at the sky. Taste the air on the tip of your tongue. Watch the clouds move.
Take care of yourself, always be gentle. Cry if you need to, but don't give up hope. Look for things to be grateful for. Smile. Hug. Breathe deeply, in and out. Do it now.
Be brave. Seek out life. Know that adventure is close to yo…