The Authorly Bucket List Tag

Thank you, Kara, for tagging me for the Authorly Bucket List tag! To do this tag you are to, "List 3 to 7 things to work at in writing, and 3 to 7 things you'd like to try."

Things to work at...

1. Just WRITING! That is definitely something to work at. ;)

2. Coming up with how characters look. I have the basic idea for some of them, but other than that. . . ?

3. Editing. Something else to definitely work at.

Things I want to try...

1. Putting songs and poems into my stories. I like writing songs and poems, so why not?

2. Writing Non-fiction. Something I really want to try!

3. Having a character with an accent. As in, having someone from Australia or Norway.

4. Writing first person. I've tried it once (or maybe more) but I'd like to try it again.

I tag Elizabeth L. and S. W.

Now, everyone, go write!
~ S. F.


  1. I so want to put a poem or song in my story - J.R.R Tolkien did it so beautifully in the hobbit and LOTR!

    1. Agreed! I think he inspired me to put songs and poems in. His writing will always have an influence on mine.
      ~ S. F.

  2. Writing a character with an accent would be so I want to try it. ;D
    Thanks for tagging me. <3

    1. Wouldn't it? We shall both have to attempt it.
      You're welcome, dear friend.
      ~ S. F.

  3. Darling, darling, darling! Think not that I this blog o' thine have forgotten, I pray! You're one of my favourite author(esses) and I very much love this post/the stories which come from the mind and brilliance of its author(ess). :)

    Love forever,
    your sister Les ❤

    PS. Words cannot express my love for that comment message form. Thank you for serving the Lord Christ in your life and in your blog by uplifting others and glorifying Him! You truly are one of my greatest inspirations.

    1. Nay, I wouldn't dare think it! I know that you're a brilliant, faithful sister. You are one of my top ten favourite author(esses). :) ♥ Love you!

      Awwww. . .you are amazing. Thank you for your words. ♥♥♥♥♥ To God be the Glory!
      ~ S. F.


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