Wednesday, October 1, 2014

If it Hasn't Been a Year Already!

October 1st 2013:
'I have a blog of my very own called "On Solid Ground". . ."I'm going on an adventure!"' ~ My journal.
Yes, dear peoples, it has been one year that I have been "officially" S. F. (I have been commenting as "S. F." since July 1st 2013, but didn't have my own personal Blogger propfile until October 1st. ☺)
Indeed this blogging adventure has been quite a fun one.

37 published posts/14 "company members" (followers)/3358 pageviews/235 comments

Pictures 1, 2, 3, 4 are mine. The last is from the Gothard Sisters.

Thank you so much, all of you my friends. You're comments have made my day and you're all the greatest! I can't really express how happy you make me. :)

14 company member! (!!!) You all are amazing.

And now, who wants to have some fun? You do. Of course you do. Come on, let's go!

Answer-----> The poll over on the side.

Find-----> I have hidden 10 of the "We stand. . .On Solid Ground" pictures in the various posts that I have posted. Go find them. Then tell what posts they're on. You have until the 5th (Leave your answers in a comment for me to not publish.) "Hurray!" for you if you do. Ehehehe. . .
This one doesn't count. :)
Tell-----> How did you find this funny little blog o' mine? What's you're favourite post that I did? What is the tenth thing I describe myself as on my "You Can Call Me S. F." page? Is this fun or am I wasting my time?


  1. I'm smiling inside because you you you have come far down the blog-road that perhaps doth go on and on. May your special road take you on many more adventures with many more friends and many more good times.

    In answer to your requests: 1, done. 2, reckon this calls for another comment. 3, I assisted in its creation; "The Reason For the Season" + "A Feeling of Love"; "Bilbo Baggins fan" (sic); very fun, no waste o' time.

    Keep making us smile,

    PS. And I suppose you want me to wish you this Solidly Grounded place something. Happy Anniversary! x

    1. Thank you, Les! I was beginning to wonder if anyone had read this post at all, and then you commented. ♥ May yours fare well too.

      You too. You too. Ah, you too.

      ~ S. F.

    2. Oh, now this is lovely! Yes, the blog-road does indeed go on and on (I'm feeling like a Hobbit right now...)!
      One year?! Seems like it's been longer than that! I still remember your first comment on my blog! ;)
      Let's see...
      1. Done!
      2. Yeah, I'll have to make another comment... XD
      3. The lovely Lily in His Field blog is how I found yours, I believe!

    3. Feeling like a hobbit is good! All hobbit-y feelings are welcome on this blog. :)

      It has been a year and I agree--it seems much longer and much shorter. Aww. . .I remember it, too. Ha! Now it really does seem a long time ago. Really long.

      Was it Lily? Whoever it was, I am very glad that it happened. Friendship is a wonderful thing.
      ~ S. F.

  2. Congratulations, S.F.! :) It's been a lovely first year of your blog. <3


    a free mind

    1. Many thanks, SW. It most certainly has. :)
      ~ S. F.


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