Friday, June 5, 2015

When Summer Comes

Photo by Yours Truly
To day is the 5th of June. And summer is 15 days away. :} Lovely to think about, eh?

My dear friends Kara and SW shared their summer "bucket list" (or whatever title suits your fancy), and I thought that I might as well go along and share mine.

1. Sleep under the stars
2. Go camping more than 3X
3. Learn the guitar better, and bottom hand on the piano
4. Write a song
5. Read 10 or more books
6. Keep gratitude, prayer, quote, and drawing journals
7. Memorise Scripture verses
8. Take more pictures
9. Do something I've never done before
10. Read Little Women
11. Learn German
12. Organise
13. Go swimming!
14. Do something I have never done before

Those are some of them. I also hope to give this Blog-iddy Blog a new design, and go through all the 'drafted' posts that I never finished. :)
I'll post again near the end of summer and share what I was able to accomplish.
Do you have any plans for summer?

Love ~ S. F


  1. "Learn German" - that sounds cool! I've always wanted to learn either German or Russian, not really sure why, it just sounds cool to me. :) I hope you have a wonderful summer, SF!


    1. Thanks, Sarah! I look forward to learning it. That would brilliant if you learned it, too. :)
      ~ S. F.

  2. 15 brilliant "summer's resolutions," love! <3 May they all blossom to fulfillment.

    1. Here, here! Have a lovely summer, sister.
      ~ S. F.


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