Saturday, June 13, 2015

10 Days Until the Gothard Sister's New Album Comes Out

If you have been around for a while, you will know that the Gothard Sisters are my favourite music group. They perform Celtic music and I love them! And. . .they are releasing a new album called "Mountain Rose" on the 23rd! It's thrilling.

A description of the album. . .
"Mountain Rose was inspired by the love of simple, timeless and transcendent things - patience, courage, community, the passing of the torch from old to young, the beauty and adventure of nature, and the feeling of comfort in being with those you love as the sun sets on Summer nights. The musical album features fresh, inventive and melodic violin lines, the rhythmic drive of bodhran, djembe, percussion, Irish dance and guitar, and three-part vocal sibling harmony. . .The mountain rose may live in a harsh environment, but it survives the elements and gives hope to all who pass by and see it."

Everyday they are sharing a clip of each song (So far, they have only shared 3 and there and 12 total.) at this link:

Well, thank you for reading this fangirl ramble. :) I hope you are having (or have had) a delightful day.
Love ~ S. F.


  1. :) I love you, dearest sweetest! Only a few days left!!

    1. Yes!! And now it's out and it's BRILLIANT.
      ~ S. F.
      ps. Thank you for being a faithful commenter.


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