Shall or Will?

I have a strange thing about using words.
 At times I prefer to use some word, and other times it's a different one.
So tell me, which you prefer of the different words~

"Shall" or "Will"
"Eh" or "Uh"
 "No" or "Nope"

I prefer: "Shall", "Eh" and "Nope"

 Sooo...just leave a comment and tell me what you like. :)
~ S.F.


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    1. Sounds good. You tied it all up into one sentence. Wow. Amazing. heehee. =)

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    1. Thank you for telling me, Carissa.
      I hope all is going well with you getting ready for the Bible Bee!

  3. Hello! Beautiful blog!
    I prefer "shall", "uh", and "no" - don't you just love words?! :)

    1. Oh, goodie! You found my darling sister's blog. <3

      To mon soeur: Go follow Sarah's blog. (Please). ;)

    2. Thank you, Sarah. Indeed, I love words. Without them...I would be lost!

      I did, Les. =] Ya happy?

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    4. You two are sisters?! Cool! :) (Or do you mean sisters at heart?:))

    5. We're sisters through-and-through! :) and that's the truth!

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. I know! I keep thinking "it's going to be 221B, right?", and instead it's "852". Humf.


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