Wednesday, November 20, 2013

LOTR Challange : Days 17, 18,19 and 20

Well, I think I have been bending the rules long enough, and answered things from the Hobbit, when this is only a LOTR challenge. :) So I think I'll try to answer only LOTR answers now! :)

Day 17: Elves or Dwarves?

Well, I don't really know how to answer this one! Because...I don't know. •-• So...I'll leave that as my answer! :D (After all, I have an Elf and a Dwarf for sisters.)

Day 18: Coolest Visual Effect

Wow. There's a lot of amazing visual effects in these movies! I think I'll settle on this:

Day 19: Weirdest Screencap

Really, I can't find any! I mean, there are a lot, but I can't find any. ☺

Day 20: Saddest Character Death

Let's just not talk about this, shall we? *holds back tears*

~ S. F.


  1. Darling, I don't think it'd hurt at all to do both! •-• For your epic answers keep us wanting MORE of whatever you have to say. :) Hmm...Elves, everything, that one we saw two days ago, ditto. <-- o.O

    xx big sissy

    1. Okey! That screencap we saw 2 days ago was mighty...weird!

  2. Tolkien be like, "That's a nice side character I have here. It'd be a shame if something happened to him." :P I love all my fictional characters so much! Fictional people don't disappoint you....unless they die. Sigh.
    Ooh, how could I have forgotten about the Argonath? What a great visual effect!

    1. Yep, that pretty much what it seems like Tolkien did. ;) heehee
      ~ S. F.


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