Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Scibbler Award

Once, in a time long gone by that no one but the ancients can remember. . . S. F. got awarded the "Scribbler Award" by the amazing Saphira. And for a reason not even the ancients can remember, she didn't post it. So some adventurous person went and dug it out of the dusty drafts. . .

😊 El Premio del Scribbler 😊

1. Link to the person who nominated you. See above.
2. Link to your favorite writing blog, so we can check it out, and/or share your favorite writing tip.  See below.
3. Pass the award along to a maximum of 5 people. I seem to always pass tags along to the same people, so I'm not quite sure who to tag this time. If you're a "scribbler", consider yourself tagged!

Favourite writing blog: Hope Ann's "Writing in the Light" has lots of brilliant things for writers. Kara and Naomi's "Writing to Inspire" also has great writing tips. And if it counts, I love "Kingdom Pen".

Favourite writing tip: "Don't be afraid of rewriting. It means you not only have something worth saying, but saying well." We all need to hear this so much, don't we? :)

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