Saturday, May 16, 2015

Garden Harvest

The very first "harvest" from my little garden this year. ♥
There is always
such a grand feeling
when we reap
from our garden
what we have planted
with our own hands.


  1. Lovely picture! So far we haven't gotten anything out of our garden (we still have a lot to plant).

  2. Très bon, ma chère sœur! (Meaning the flavour of your harvest.) Your garden bed is such a lovely sight; we shall see what becomes of mine. ;) J'adore vous,!

    1. Many thanks, Les! I am sure many delightful, delicious things will come from your garden. :)
      ~ S. F.

    2. The tomato looks to be growing well out there in my bed. Would you agree?

    3. YOUR garden is a gorgeous, vibrant jungle of green goodness! ☺

    4. Yes, I would agree. And your cucumbers are doing well, too. :) Awww. . .thank you!
      ~ S. F.


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