Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Photo A Day" December - Week One

As you see from the above photo, I am doing the "Photo A Day" challenge this December. It's been brilliant so far, and without further ado, here are the photos I have taken for the last ten days. . .

 Days 1 and 2: "Joy" and "Hanging" combined into one picture. :)

Day 3: "Home Decor"
Day 4: "Hand Writing".
Days 5 and 6: "Messy" and "Glitter/Bling". (Because, after all, glitter is messy.)
Day 7: "Something Sweet". (It's popcorn, I know. But it was sweet flavoured, so therefore it counts.)
Day 8: "Weather"
Day 9: "You." (My fabulous boots.)
Day 10: "Red."

That is how many I have taken, because, obviously, it is the 10th, but I will post the next batch of photos in a few days. Until then, continue to be the amazing person you are. ♥

~ S. F.
ps.-- I was my friend Kara's "Featured Blogger" which you can see here.


  1. 1. Bokeh
    2. Colour
    3. Angle
    4. Creamy
    5. Crispy
    6. Brilly
    7. Cosy
    8. Homey
    9. Texture
    10. YOU-ness.

    Things evident more or less in every image. Your...photographic hallmarks? The first three and the last one are such splendiferous bokeh-y smooth creamy delicious edible even frames. Teach me thy ways, o magnificent one. •-•

    Eagerly awaiting Day 24,
    Your Les

    PS. I love being your sister. <3

    1. Les,
      Hmmm, they may be my "hallmarks," I cannot tell. For I certainly don't try to put most of those 10 things into my picture, but I guess I do. :)
      Oh? How can I teach you my ways if I learned most from you?
      "Jammies?!" Errr. . .okie dokie! ☺

      ~ S. F.
      ps.-- I love being yours, too. ♥

  2. Lovely photos S.F! You are really an amazing photographer! And the boots... I have been in need of some like those and hope to get some like them sometime soon. =)

    1. Thank you, Kara! You are an amazing photographer, too. Yes, they're nice boots and good for this time of year.

      ~ S. F.


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